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10/16/14 05:09 am - The Vision of the Rose of the World

The Vision of the Rose of the World

Andreev's Rose of the World is a spiritual reality that is promised to manifest as a historical reality. The spiritual reality is the descent into the world Bramfatura of a cosmic being called Zventa-Sventana, the Holy of Holies. Zventa-Sventana is an expression of the Eternal Feminine and She can readily be identified as Sophia. The descent of Zventa-Sventana into the highest planes of Shadanakar began to manifest in history approximately 150 years ago. She is destined to descend into the Zatomis of one meta-culture. Andreev identifies the Slavonic Zatomis as her abode, but recognizes this is not fixed.

The historical manifestation of the Rose of the World is seen as the joining of authentic world religions into a new union. The union will not be the dissolution of the great religions, but a harmonization. The five petals of the Rose of the World are the five great world religions joining together. The Rose of the World will be a moral and spiritual authority rather than a political power, but the influence of the Rose on the world's political, economic and cultural life will lead to a transformation of human society across the world. Harmony, justice, peace and spiritual life will flower under the guidance of the Rose. The historical development of the Rose will be led by that culture that accepts Zventa-Sventana's guidance, and Andreev sees that task falling to Russia and the Slavonic world.

The Rose of the World will also lead to the metaphysical construction of a new world Zatomis, representing the highest development of world spiritual culture. Andreev believes this new Zatomis is already being created, as well as a set of planes at the pinnacle of the world tentatively called the World Salvaterra.

The planetary Logos is the Christ, the expression of the Divine Logos. Zventa-Sventana is the Bride of Christ, the expression of the Divine Feminine. This is the nuptial image of the New Jerusalem descending as the Bride of the Logos from the Revelation of St John. Her descent however is not the end of history, but in a sense the beginning of the end. The Rose of the World is a preparation for the end of the current world age, which will require the separation of the world from the powers of metaphysical evil.

Andreev's vision corresponds to Rudolf Steiner's vision of the seven stages of the current world era. In Steiner's vision, the current age, dominated by the Germanic peoples and western culture, will be succeeded by a sixth age, led by the Slavonic peoples. The sixth age will be a time of great spiritual development, preceeding the struggles against metaphysical evil in the seventh age of the present world era.

The realization of the Rose of the World will require the work of many people ascending to the state of sancity. Andreev understands sanctity as a state in which a person is in communion with the world of spirit. The sanctified person is open to the love and wisdom of Dea in heart, reason and conscience, and expresses that love and wisdom in all facets of life. Sanctity is the highest state of moral development. Sanctity can be reached by the narrow path of asceticism, but also, and primarily, by the broad path of devotion and loving service.

The Eternal Feminine
The concluding chapter in the English edition of the Rose of the World concerns the spiritual meaning of femininity. What Andreev calls the Universal Feminine or the Eternal Feminine is an essential aspect of God that seeks expression. In Christianity, it appears in the form of the Mother Church, the Madonna, the Mother of God and as Sophia. Andreev experiences the Eternal Feminine as a universal spiritual reality that is inadequately expressed in these images. It is interesting that after presenting a startling vision of metaphysical realities, he states he finds it particularly difficult to discuss the idea of the Eternal Feminine within the context of Christian theology.

The Universal Feminine has its images within the metaphysical structures of the Bramfatura in which Andreev sees the earth as resting. The spiritual beings that are realized on earth as states are primarily demonic, while the collective souls of nations are feminine. The leading collective souls of nations are called the Great Sisters, and are themselves God-Born rather than created monads.. The masculine angelic guardians and guides of the metacultures of the world he calls the demiurges. The attribution of femininity and masculinity may be functional rather than essential. The collective soul is the formal source or principal of a culture, while the demiurge is the active power unfolding the form in manifestation. Above the planes on which reside the Great Sisters and the demiurges, are a group of wholely feminine planes, a sakwala, that Andreev tentatively calls the Waves of Universal Femininity. One of these regions is the abode of the feminine Synclite of humanity, while another is the present abode of Zventa-Sventana. There is no corresponding universal masculine principle and no masculine planes at this level.

Andreev defends the distinctness of the feminine nature in human culture, as reflecting Divine reality, against the modernist tendency to treat men and women as interchangeable or as interchangeable if women aren't oppressed. He also defends the primacy of feminine nature over the masculine. The masculine nature in humanity is seen as out of control, manifesting in terms of violence, heartlessness and egoism, with disastrous consequences for humanity. The Rose of the World is envisioned in the development of the feminine nature in humanity: abhorrence for cruelty and violence, the expression of tenderness and love, the central concern for children, and the love of the beautiful. Women will assume positions of leadership, inspiration and wisdom. The current patriarchal order will be, at least partially, transformed under this empowered feminine influence in the Rose of the World

Visions and the Psychic Realm

As noted, Andreev writes as a man of his times. His vision is characterized by a progressive view of history, with later civilizations more spiritually advanced than earlier civilizations. This view is contrary to traditional wisdom, and particularly the perennial tradition, which sees a process of descent in history. Early civilizations and cultures are closer to the original principal underlying all manifestation, and as such typically represent a higher level of spiritual realization. Andreev's history begins with Atlantis, perceived to have lasted from about 12,000 to 9000 BC. Atlantis is seen as a cruel and primitive culture - a prototype of meso-American and Egyptian culture, but greatly inferior to Egypt.
More generally, Andreev's vision is atraditional. Although suggested, there is no real sense in his work of the metaphysical principles of manifestation as understood in all authentic traditions. Andreev's cultures, in their physical and "vario-material" manifestations seem the unconstrianed creations of the imagination, influenced by various non-human entities. There is no understanding of how metaphysical principles underlie traditional culture and constitute a unity across cultures. The vision of metahistory Andreev offers is accordingly lacking in the sense of verisimilitude that is typical of visionaries of our era.

This is not to say that Andreev's vision is completely his own invention. It may be that he has received a view into higher (and lower) realms, but the vision is of a decidedly lower, psychic or lunar order, rather than a higher intellectual order. As a psychic vision, what Andreev reports may indeed substantially be a reflection of his own consciousness rather than a literal and verifiable vision of other realms that are opening up to empirical study. By reviewing so many different realms, each characterized by a distinct historical culture, Andreev sees is vision as general and encompassing the accuracy of other, disparate visions. Thus Dante's vision is seen as a literal vision of the realms associated with Roman Catholic culture in the middle ages. Those realms change in time, so a contemporary vision of those realms could still differ. This amounts to a projection of cultural relativism into the psychic realm and leaves us with no truth, which is eternal, at all. Dante's vision is of a truly intellectual order because it does present universal truth, albeit in a visionary form. Andreev's vision is of a far lower intellectual order, but it still does convey its own truths, albeit in a form more akin to science fiction than true mythology or great art. We may also tentatively suggest that Andreev's visions of the infraphysical planes, being of a level of reality further removed from Truth, may be particularly subjective in detail. The characteristics of weight and limitation distinguishing these planes are suggestive, however.

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6/15/13 04:15 am - Revelation, The Virgin, Asherah, Sophia and Isis 2012. ( found this i wrote on wordpress last year)


2/22/13 04:34 am - Galactics

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
9 Ahau, 8 Zac, 9 Eb



Dratzo! We return! Your world has moved even closer to its victory over the dark! There are signs everywhere of what is shortly to happen. Your sacred secret societies have compiled the legal instruments to force the major governments of your world to resign. In consonance with this the military and police forces of these nations have come together in secret to assert that each of them is more than ready to use their powerbases to give their respective governments no other choice than to resign when this course of action is called up.

This indication will be given when Heaven advises us that the time to do so has arrived. All our liaison personnel stand at the ready to give the long-anticipated command to everyone. Meanwhile, we wait, and look to our heavenly advisors for the signal that it is now the proper time to bring the dark to its knees. This single command will permit the abundance to be delivered, which in turn indicates that the numerous dark governments of your globe are to resign. A batch of legal papers signed weeks ago is ready to be delivered at a moment’s notice. Your deliverance is not far away!
These dark governments are plotting, even as we speak, to find some loophole or other means to further ward off the inevitable long enough to enable them to conjure up a way out of their current dilemma. We are watching them closely and are disinclined to tolerate further forms of defiance. The nuclear options being tested in northeast Asia are a recent example of the ‘other means’ we mentioned above. Do not worry: they are being very carefully monitored, and we fully anticipate the nature and intent of this truly insane gambit. Rest assured that it will come to naught.

No one will be permitted to use these primitive weapons against another. The cabal is indulging in saber rattling by use of a most crude and barbaric toy which we can squash when we deem it appropriate. We present this as a warning: the dark cabal and its many forms of chicanery and perfidy are not being indulged; we are simply watching and waiting, and when it is right to act, will act decisively. That time is not yet upon us. What is important is to have the green light from Heaven-and then the rest will follow rapidly.

Our personnel assigned to these sacred tasks are more than ready to create a new, blessed reality for you. The numerous sacred societies and their allies have fashioned a series of profound changes which will transform your present doom-laden realm. Until then we have asked our associates to honor the world as it is. Do not be pulled into any of this dark nonsense as it is scheduled soon to end. As is obvious, the various dark cabals that run your realm are in panic, but their sundry attempts at mischief currently playing out are about to melt away. We are prepared to scoop them up and deliver them to their appropriate destinations where they are to await their comeuppance.

You, on the other hand, are being prepared to become fully conscious Beings of Light. Heaven has set up an agenda for this to happen and we are here to carry out the final stages of this grand and sacred plan. The dark on your planet has not come up against the likes of us before and is daily confronted by technologies and abilities of the Light that easily trump the best that these denizens of the dark have to offer.

It truly behooves you to be in joy and gleeful anticipation! Heaven smiles on you, and the Creator has established the means for you to achieve a blessed return to full consciousness. We have been appointed to ensure your deliverance from these still-erring ones; their dire workings are to be stricken from your realm and Heaven will then champion your new Light-filled world and extend to you the means to rejoin your space and, especially, your spiritual families.

These ‘coming attractions’ are sacred events which free you from those who consider you to be less than them, and who intended to turn you into perpetual slaves of their rampant insanities. It was eventually to lead to a massive death toll, designed to decrease your global population to around one-tenth of the present number, and those who survived were to envy the dead. This will not happen. By Heaven’s decree you are to move rapidly into a realm of joy, prosperity, and a sacred respect for individual sovereignty. The time has come for all this to manifest upon Earth!

Blessings of Health and Joy to all! We are your Ascended Masters! Various elements of our prosperity program are ready to emerge from the silence presently demanded of us by Heaven. The major organizations created since the end of World War II have been legally disbanded. We are now using our blessed energies to prepare our sacred societies to replace the current leaders with our own. This is expected shortly.

Heaven has also informed us to alert those who are preparing to immediately replace the current economic system to get ready to act, as the final series of phenomena are now precipitating in the heavens. These events are to invoke the formal termination of the agreement signed nearly 13,000 years ago. You are on the brink of a most magnificent time in your blessed history. The gracious blessings of Heaven are now to manifest and, in the blink of an eye, thrust you into a new reality redolent with Love and Light!

Bear in mind that your new economic system is merely a stopgap. It is designed to prepare you to accept unending prosperity and teach you that the debt economy with its many abrupt reversals and insecurities are a way for the dark to control you. This quicksand realm in effect was a grand illusion, promulgated by solemn pledges on the part of government to lower national debt and bring you temporary prosperity. In truth, global prosperity has always been possible from the beginning and it is an illusion to believe otherwise.

The amount of gold available was kept hidden for manipulative purposes, and the same is true of diamonds and so-called precious metals and stones. The availability of these commodities was limited to create a contrived definition of wealth and enforce the concepts of scarcity, poverty, and debt. You possess the ability to bring forth a cornucopia of wealth and to enjoy a luxurious life. The key is to learn to Love and care for each other!

In this wonderful world that is preparing to appear, you will become able to care deeply for each other and for Mother Earth. Inside your home world lies Agartha which is a 5-D realm. Heaven is now to allow Mother Earth to extend this realm out to her surface world. This means that each of you requires a transformation into a fully conscious, 5-D state of being. This transformation is underway, and the blessed changes being wrought in you are the true means to convert you into this divine and immortal Being.

Much will be required of you. You will take on a raft of new duties, and in this we are prepared to teach you much that is key to understanding who you are to become. We invite you to accept this proposition and to discard gleefully all the bunkum that the dark has fed you through the ages. Use your innate wisdom to validate the truths that Heaven is to show you, and come to understand just what amazing children of the Divine you are destined to become!

Today we brought you more information about what is happening on your world. Our space and spiritual families are here to complete the divine task of transforming your reality back into a condition that is sacred and blessed by Heaven. The moment is upon you for a most well deserved blessing! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

1/4/13 06:38 am - Golden Age of Gaia


12/25/12 04:36 am - Red Ice Radio - John Lash - Hour 1 - Revival of Gnosticism & The Riddle of Violence

Red Ice Radio - John Lash - Hour 1 - Revival of Gnosticism & The Riddle of Violence

12/16/12 03:38 am

What will u do when the world ends?

12/11/12 02:12 am

Why am i afraid to speak?

12/11/12 01:58 am - I like this one


6/23/11 02:58 pm - What we’ve been taught about What God Wants regarding love and money

What we’ve been taught about What God Wants regarding love and money
a message from Neale Donald Walsch
Sunday, 29 May, 2011 (posted 23 June, 2011)
730 views, no comments - login or register to comment We continue today our review of what humanity has been taught by its various teachers and religions about WHAT GOD WANTS regarding every area of our life.

AS I HAVE SAID here in the past three entries on this blog, the views of humanity on so many things have been impacted by what our teachers have told us about God and about God’s desires that it’s hard to decide what other areas of life interaction to include on a list of them. Today we’re going to consider Love and Money.

In our next entry we’ll look at Free Will and Suffering. Finally, we’ll explore God’s desires regarding Morality and Death.

Then we’ll have brought you in this space a fairly complete summary of what our ancestors and our contemporary teachers have told us about What God Wants.

Here are the next two categories…

Many humans have been told that What God Wants is for love to be conditional. God has made it clear that He loves humans if they do what He wants. If they do not, humans shall know His wrath. They’ll be condemned to everlasting damnation.

Some say that God acts with love when He condemns people to eternal and unending torture. With this explanation they seek to preserve the image and the notion of a loving God.

One result of this teaching: Many people are very confused about the true nature of love. Human beings “get,” at some deeply intuitive level, that the imposing of unending punishment is not a loving thing to do. Yet they are told that such punishment is a demonstration of the purest and highest love. It’s God’s love in action.

It’s not unusual for human beings to therefore be afraid of love, even as they have been made afraid of God, who is the source of love. They have been taught that God’s love can turn into wrath in a flicker, producing horrifying results. This packaging of love and fear in human theology has not been without consequences in human behavior.

Earlier it was said, “Humanity’s ideas about God produce humanity’s ideas about life and about people.” This is profoundly true, and thus, many humans are afraid of and attracted to love at the same time. Often their first thought upon moving into a closer love relationship with another is, “Now what is this person going to want, or need, or expect from me?” That is, after all, the nature of their love relationship with an all-powerful God, and they have no reason to believe it will be any different with a much weaker human being.

There is also the corollary thought that partners in a relationship have a right to expect certain things in exchange for love—that love is a give-and-take, quid pro quo proposition.

These expectations and fears undermine many love relationships at the outset.

Because love and the worst torture imaginable have been linked in the minds of humans as natural activities on the part of God, most humans believe that it’s right and proper to punish other humans for their behaviors—just as God does.

In perhaps the most dramatic demonstration of this, many human beings believe that it’s appropriate to kill human beings as a warning to human beings that it’s inappropriate to kill human beings.

This is, many of the world’s people believe, What God Wants.

Many humans have been told that What God Wants is for money to be considered the root of all evil. Money is bad and God is good, and so money and God do not mix.

One result of this teaching: The higher one’s purpose and the greater one’s value to society, the lower one’s income must be. Nurses, teachers, public safety officials and those in similar service professions are not to ask to make much money. Ministers, rabbis and priests are to ask even less. Homemakers and mothers, under this guideline, should have no personal income at all. If they want something for themselves, they may ask their husband for a few dollars, or scrimp pennies from the grocery money.

The message here is: Because “filthy lucre” is bad, because money is intrinsically evil, pay must be in reverse proportion to the value of the function performed. The better the deed, the worse the pay. People should not get lots of money for doing good things. And if they’re doing something really, really, really good, they should want to do it for free.

Humans have created a disconnect between “doing good” and being well compensated. On the other hand, doing things of somewhat less lasting intrinsic value can produce compensation in the millions. So can illegal activity of all kinds. Thus, society’s values discourage noble actions and encourage triviality and illegality. Humanity’s watchword is: The higher the purpose, the lower the reward.

This is, many of the world’s people believe, What God Wants.

9/5/08 02:34 pm - Kabbalah Course Notes

There is a power that brings us from a highest to a lowest state, and then brings us to the point where we can reveal the qualities of the creator within us.

Thought of Existance: Create a creature and fill that creature with unbounded delight.

Force created 5 spiritual worlds each one less and less like the original unbounded life.
Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beriya, yetzira, Assiya...Worlds make up the force of the Will to bestow on us beneath these worlds, us having the will to recieve. hmm

Travel from state of separate egoism apart from creator up thru the 4 worlds once again to unification. As we travel thru the worlds we use each world to reveal in us those inner states in us that are like the creator. Each world is a level of soul that is revealed to us.

The Torah ( the stories) is a manual showing the pattern of the creation and descent of the soul, and a guide to it's correction and reunification.
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